R260 per consultation • Pensioners R120 

Our experienced and specially trained Primary care Pharmacist will consult, examine, and prescribe if necessary for most basic health issues. He is authorised to do blood tests should it be necessary. A unique and convenient service offered by your Pharmacist

Varies on Prescription.
We administer Vitamin B And B12 injections . T&C's apply.

30 minutes • Price varies
We assess your chronic script and advise on interactions and generic alternatives in line with medical aid guidelines. Our trained Pharmacist's will also assist in making the necessary changes to ensure that you chronic medication is covered


Duration varies • R260
A comprehensive review of the clinical evidence, signs and symptoms, an examination and a screening eg BP, prescription for the condition (as per The PCDT list aligned to PHC STG's and EML).

30 minutes • Covered by Vitality
Vitality Screenings include Blood Pressure, Blood Glucose, Cholesterol, Health Questionare, BMI and HIV testing.

30 minutes • Price Varies
Traumheel. Testis comp. Tonico. Lymphomyosot. and other HEEL injections.

10 minutes • Covered by Discovery
Height, Weight, BP, BMI, Health assessment

30 minutes | Price Varies
We will assess the vaccination required, procure and adminster for a minimal cost. Varies based on the vaccine required